I wouldn’t have thought anything would be more pathetic than seeing balaclava-wearing middle-class anarchists doing their best to embody the mocking image Mike Doughty painted of them almost two decades ago in his song about the 1999 Seattle WTO riots, “Busting Up a Starbucks.” It’s hard to outdo a bunch of imbeciles fighting “fascism” by, uh, disrupting peaceful assemblies, smashing store windows and beating people in the streets with metal poles. But legacy media desperately attempting to stay relevant by cheering them on is even worse. Yes, Milo sure did get “schooled” by having his book rocket straight to the number one spot on Amazon’s besteller list and getting even more invites to appear on TV programs. Honestly, if this weren’t just part of a long, long tradition of the utterly useless, self-defeating stupidity of left-wingers, I’d suspect Milo organized the whole thing as a brilliant marketing strategy. As it is, they were like this long before he was even born, and will continue like this into the foreseeable future, never learning a thing.