• Songwriters on Process interview with Neil Fallon of the band Clutch. Fallon is one of my two favorite lyricists in rock music (along with Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse), so it’s great to get some insight into his reading and writing habits. Speaking of reading, his ten favorite books.

• Joseph Heath, “The End of Privacy, Part 2: Scoring Pro-Social Behaviour

Consider This with Stuart Campbell. I’m generally not one for listening to podcasts or audio interviews, but after following a link to the most recent interview with Roger Scruton, I looked through the archives and saw quite a few others that look very interesting, including many authors whose books I have either read or plan to read soon. Guests are able to respond at length to intelligent questions, which was a pleasant surprise, accustomed as I am to interviews which are little more than ping-pong matches with soundbites and slogans.

The Enduring Wisdom of Montaigne, by Jeffrey Collins. I learned that sometimes, if you Google the title of a paywalled article, clicking on the resulting link will bypass the paywall. It worked in this case for a book review in the WSJ that I wanted to read.

• B.A. Brown, “Illiberalism Rising

• Kenan Malik, “Not Post-Truth as Too Many Truths

Via Alan Jacobs, another book that touches on the history of my kind. I suppose I’ll have to get a copy.