Sarah Perez:

Twitter confirms it’s testing a feature that allows users to more easily create “tweetstorms” – those series of connected tweets that have grown to be a popular workaround for Twitter’s character count limitations. The feature, which was recently spotted in the wild, offers a new interface for composing tweets, where individual tweetstorm entries can be written one-by-one then published to Twitter in a staggered fashion with a press of a “Tweet All” button.

If only there were some sort of social media platform where users could write as many words as they want, and then press “Publish” to “post” these word-collections to the web all at once, where they can be accessed at an individual URL. Maybe a series of word-collections could even be chronologically stored in the form of a ship’s “log” — but on the web. A “web log,” if you will. I’m not a tech titan, of course, so I have no idea what sort of sorcery would be necessary for something like that to happen. Just the idle, science-fiction musings of a foolish dreamer.

You have to grudgingly respect the marketing, though — spend years telling people that the old product is dead and uncool, and then sell it to them again in new packaging.