J. V. Last interviews Ryan Anderson. I’ve been really looking forward to reading Anderson’s upcoming book.

• Heather Mac Donald, “#MediocrityToo

• T.A. Frank, “Welcome to the Golden Age of Conservative Magazines

• Christopher Snowdon, “Nick Cohen’s Dystopia

• Joanna Williams, “#MeToo in an Age of Heterophobia

• Pascal Boyer, “‘So you’re saying … we should live like lobsters?’ or: Why does politics make us stupid?

• Scott Spillman, “Potentially Much Better

• Max Diamond, “The Philosophical Question Underlying the Google/Damore Dispute

• Henry Farrell, “Philip K. Dick and the Fake Humans

• Sean Collins interviews Fred Siegel, “The Revolt Against the Masses

• Damon Linker, “Is America Having Second Thoughts About Free Speech?

• Katie Roiphe, “The Other Whisper Network

• Hahaha:

So what you are saying is that for the last 100 years women haven’t tried hard enough.

— Nick Fletcher (@CrookedRed) February 5, 2018