I check in with The Week every morning, not because I hate myself, but to do my duty and stay in contact with the relatively-sane left. Usually, I can reliably depend on Ryan Cooper or Matthew Walther to provide the dumbest take of the day, and Cooper does turn in his usual strong effort, but today, we get a surprise contender from the sidebar:

This ukulele-strumming Hawaiian congressional candidate makes a pretty compelling case for democratic socialism

Well, if you overlook the formidable theoretical and economic obstacles, and if you’re a stoned adolescent who just discovered Bob Black’s The Abolition of Work (but I repeat myself), then yeah, I guess a campaign ad by a dude talking about how we can all live on the beach in a tropical paradise and meet our needs with four or five hours of labor a day might sound profound, but I thought I was reading articles written by and for adults. I realize that “democratic socialism” is the new red laser dot that online journalists are comically pursuing while crashing into walls and furniture, but come on.