I’ve never been a gadget geek. When it comes to most personal technology, not only am I not an early adopter, I’m the kind of guy to leave the gizmo in a basket by the orphanage’s front door in the first place. The iPod was the last piece of tech that I gave thanks for, and I still resent the forced resettlement of all my music in a smartphone once the iPod got phased out. It’s not an ideological opposition to technology; it’s just that I rarely see any new gadget that I truly feel I need, and in general, I have to be encouraged with a cattle prod to change my habits. The stuff I have works fine; why should I care about the hot new soon-to-be-obsolete trend?

Today, though, while checking in with Five Books, I did find this quite interesting:

Being an unskilled two-fingered typist, I do find it tedious to try to keep a book propped open while glancing back and forth from the page to the screen as I type out a passage. The time I save by using voice-to-text on my laptop is lost again by having to manually fix all the homophones and other casualties of digital translation. This seems like it could actually be useful to me.