Claire Berlinski:

Arun and Esin finally got through the lines and to the Agora of Humanity, where we agreed to meet if we were separated. Next to the Agora stood a massive Che Rebel Spirit energy drink stand. I was thirsty. “Consumed iced, or mixed in revolutionary cocktails, Che Rebel Spirit perfectly combines that ‘Rebel’ feeling with a unique and ‘Delicious’ taste,” said the brochure. “Be the first to discover a new REBELICIOUS energy drink!”

Despite my best efforts, some of the earlier comments from my old home on Blogspot didn’t complete the migration here. However, I was able to go spelunking through the archives in order to reproduce this amusing exchange I had with a reader nearly nine years ago:

Noel: But grandiloquence in one’s nuncupation can make one appear supercilious, n’est pas?
Damian: Ah, but the true sesquipedalian spirit must not allow its inherent delectation in the myriad forms of badinage to be limned by the pedestrian fears and insecurities of the audience; must hold no truck with those philistines who insist on reducing it to mere fanfaronade.
Noel: I agree, I think. Is fanfaronade a drink?
Damian: No, you’re thinking of FrantzFanonade, the “revolutionary” sports drink designed to quench the most “wretched” thirst on earth.

As you can see, I was ahead of my time. But if any of my wealthy readers would like to provide a little seed capital, it appears there actually is a market for Communist-themed beverages. Even if we don’t get filthy rich, the ironic enjoyment alone would make it worthwhile!