Assuming the colors of the environment. Why are likes and dislikes so contagious that one can scarcely live in proximity to a person of strong sensibilities without being filled like a vessel with his pros and cons? First, it is very hard to withhold judgment entirely, and sometimes it is virtually intolerable for our vanity. It can look like poverty of thought and feeling, fearfulness, unmanliness; and so we are persuaded at least to take a side, perhaps against the direction of our environment if our pride likes this posture better. Usually, however (this is the second point), we are not even aware of the transition from indifference to liking or disliking, but gradually grow used to the sentiments of our environment; and because sympathetic agreement and mutual understanding are so pleasant, we soon wear all its insignias and party colors.

— Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human

There’s no such thing as an objective view from nowhere, of course. There are no opinions uncontaminated by affections, affiliations and aspirations. But we can choose to spend less time struggling to hear and be heard in crowded, noisy pubs and more time walking with trusted companions on quiet forest paths where ideas formerly lurking hesitant and unseen out in the undergrowth might finally muster up the courage to approach you.