Rob Henderson:

She was raised by a traditional family. She planned on having a traditional family. But she maintained that traditional families are old-fashioned and society should “evolve” beyond them.

What could explain this?

In the past, upper-class Americans used to display their social status with luxury goods. Today, they do it with luxury beliefs.

In Daybreak, Nietzsche wrote: “The Greeks, in a way of life in which great perils and upheavals were always present, sought in knowledge and reflection a kind of security and ultimate refuge. We, in an incomparably more secure condition, have transferred this perilousness into knowledge and reflection, and calm ourselves down with our way of life.” In the parlance of our times, he might say that shallow people, bored with their own comfort and affluence, enjoy theoretically deconstructing civilization without being willing to risk or sacrifice any of their actual privileges. Personally, I blame Foucault. (I’ve always loved Nietzsche’s writing, but his numerous epigones are a virulent plague.)