On whether the band has obsessive fans:

Neil: “There’s a point where you can be very flattered by someone and how much they like your band, but then there’s, like, a meter goes off where it goes from flattering to a little bit freaked out. I can’t think of any one [example] in particular. Most of our fans seem pretty level-headed. It’s not like we’re a K-pop band. We don’t have that burden, and I’d like to keep it that way. We’re very lucky in that regard that we don’t have a lot of those horror stories.”

I’m a big fan of Clutch, and Neil Fallon (along with Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse) is one of my favorite lyricists in rock music. I lost count a long time ago of how many post titles here (including this one) came from his lyrics. I wouldn’t call myself an obsessive fan, but I did laugh to see this interview this morning. You see, I have that exact same L.L. Bean flannel shirt. It’s one of my favorites. I also have a very similar beard, though with a bit less grey. I also have a very similar hairstyle, though with a bit more on top. Honestly, I could sit next to him here and cause passers-by to do a brief double-take. And if the Internet is to be believed, we even share a birthday, though one year apart. Maybe I should send him a picture of myself in that shirt along with a rambling screed about how he stole my identity and my songs. He’d probably get some good lyrics out of that. Hopefully the restraining order wouldn’t prevent me from downloading future releases.