Tom Slater:

Glasser sees the leadership’s shift as a response to generational change within the organisation: ‘What my successor is doing is demagogic, he’s pandering to what he thinks his new constituency wants to hear. The staff by now must be in their twenties and thirties… They’ve been socialised into a different ACLU.’

Romero may well be pandering to the ACLU’s new supporters, as well. In the wake of Trump’s election, the ACLU began to position itself as part of the anti-Trump Resistance, and it has paid off. Membership quadrupled in a year and donations hit $120million, 25 times what it raised the previous year.

Maybe I was just naïve back then, or maybe I’m just old now, but I seem to remember the ACLU being primarily devoted to protecting the right to unpopular speech in opposition to censorious partisans, not enforcing politically correct fads in opposition to biology and common sense. I don’t know about you, my fellow frogs, but when I see a tweet from them in defense of the “right” for boys to compete in girls’ sports, I’m fine with declaring that the water we’re sitting in is most definitely getting warmer, and I’m getting out.