Consolation of the imperilled. The Greeks, in a way of life in which great perils and upheavals were always present, sought in knowledge and reflection a kind of security and ultimate refugium. We, in an incomparably more secure condition, have transferred this perilousness into knowledge and reflection, and we recover from it, and calm ourselves down, with our way of life.

— Nietzsche, Daybreak

In an age of widespread affluence and leisure, it’s strange to see people attracted to “revolutionary” ideas and lifestyles. As soon as life is no longer dangerous or unpredictable, people get bored and start inventing mischief. Even the modern magic of technology loses its spellbinding power over an increasingly-jaded audience. Only time will tell if our current pandemic is a mere anomaly or a true world-changing event, but I’ve already seen an increasing number of people retreating to the Stoicism of Marcus Aurelius for comfort.