I’m a book-as-object kind of guy. I have a Nook, but I’ve rarely used it in the six or so years since I got it. However, one of my lottery-money fantasies is to own every book P.G. Wodehouse wrote, and given that there’s around 100 of them, that would take some doing. I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me to check before now, but it turns out that Project Gutenberg had around forty of them. I’m halfway to my goal, and it didn’t cost me a cent! And while I was there, I went ahead and stocked up on a variety of other authors — Dickens, Hazlitt, Dostoyevsky, Chesterton, Beerbohm, Chekhov, Addison and Steele, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Adam Smith. Who needs scratch tickets when we have the public domain?