Do I contradict myself? Well, to offer a counterpoint to yesterday’s theme, sometimes it might be important to keep within touching distance of current events, in order to keep an eye on what the bastards are up to:

As David Harsanyi observes, “This is what happens when “science” and the racial identitarianism of the modern intellectual Left collide.” Though I would suggest it’s not so much a “collision” as a passionate embrace with tongue kissing and heavy petting.

I’ve been reading several collections of rare and unusual words recently, and it’s a good thing, because I really need a term that captures all the nuances I’ve felt this year while watching the credentialed expert class sacrifice all their professional credibility and intellectual integrity on the altar of fashionable racial madness. “Astonished” and “shocked” just don’t seem strong enough. Blutterbunged? Stamagastered? Forglopned?