51 The art of letting things alone: to be practiced the more so the wilder the waves of public or of private life. There are hurricanes in human affairs, tempests of passion, when it is wise to retire to harbor and ride at anchor. Remedies often make diseases worse: in such cases one has to leave them to their natural course and the moral suasion of time. It takes a wise doctor to know when not to prescribe, and at times the greater skill consists in not applying remedies. The proper way to still the storms of the vulgar is to hold your hand and let them calm down of themselves. To give way now is to conquer by and by. A fountain gets muddy with but little stirring up, and does not get clear by our meddling with it but by our leaving it alone. The best remedy for disturbances is to let them run their course, for so they quiet down.

— Gracian, The Art of Worldly Wisdom

The online world seems to exist in a tropical climate. Storms of the vulgar, hell; it’s a years-long rainy season out there. I’d love to believe things will quiet down on their own, but I suspect we’ll just have to move to a temperate internet zone, if there are any.