So, we spent last week moving into the new warehouse. Yesterday, four of us unloaded a 40-foot shipping container in one hour in sweltering heat. The first game of the new Bundesliga season kicked off this afternoon, with the Premier League to follow tomorrow. I’m weary and distracted, is what I’m saying, but I still have enough energy to point and laugh:

Obviously, getting rich and not giving a shit anymore is the birthright of every American. But this wasn’t supposed to be in the script for Obama, whose remarkable heel turn has been obscured by the Trump years, which incidentally were at least partly his fault. The history books and the still-starstruck press will let him skate on this, but they shouldn’t.

Obama was set up to be the greatest of American heroes, but proved to be a common swindler and one of the great political liars of all time — he fooled us all.

Now, I have no serious gripes with Taibbi, who seems to be one of the few big-name journalists who has made an honest effort to retain intellectual integrity rather than allow Trump to break his brain and drive him into naked sycophancy for the Democratic party, but in the immortal words of Tonto, what do you mean “us,” paleface? Even in my younger naivete, when I considered Democrats in general the lesser of two evils, I never had any affection or expectation for Obama in particular. Anyone who seeks power ought not be trusted with it — I learned this principle sitting at the feet of the Taoist masters. Politicians may do some good, sometimes by intent, often by accident, but the idea that any of them should be thought of as heroes deserves a belly laugh, not a rebuttal. Expect nothing from them but lies, and give them nothing but invective in return. With no partisan responsibilities, I’m free to observe that the previous president was a crude reality-TV star and professional Twitter troll, the current one is a senile old buzzard, and both deserve all the insults and mockery that can be heaped upon them. Sorry for your misplaced optimism, but that’s a burden for you to bear alone, buddy.