Resentment and self-righteousness: the two emotions that can last a lifetime and that never disappoint.

— Theodore Dalrymple, Midnight Maxims

I got vaccinated back in the spring. I have not experienced any “lasting effects,” other than steadily improving my lifts at the gym, which I suppose I can live with. I know of several people who are unvaccinated, for various reasons. I understand that we’re all supposed to be angry with them now, for reasons that have yet to be explained clearly to me. I don’t want to see any of these people get sick and die, but I also recognize that the freedom to decide how and why to risk your life is an important one. So, I’m indifferent. Mainly, I’m more concerned about a more perennial threat to societal well-being: the burning desire to hate some outgroup who “deserve” it. I imagine this is an especially heady thrill for progressives, who spend most of their time denying themselves any opportunity for harboring inequitable thoughts. To finally have the chance to let go of all that resentment and self-righteousness without guilt must be an ecstatic release.