So, Elon Musk, proud new owner of the world’s largest open sewer-slash-lunatic asylum, a man who I am increasingly coming to believe is the earthly avatar of LOL, the trickster deity who loves us and wants us to be amused, tweeted out a cartoon the other day:

This was the signal for the newspaper owned by the world’s second-richest man, which has become deeply concerned over the threat to “democracy” posed by the world’s richest man owning a major communication channel, to cry “ACKSHUALLY” and let slip the dogs of fact-checking. I guess we’re not doing that “lived experience” thing anymore? How perfect. How “on-brand,” as the kids say these days, especially as a Democrat administration launches a “Disinformation Governance Board” (I assume because “Ministry of Truth” and “Committee of Public Safety” were already trademarked). Well, I guess I’m glad to see that journalists and political obsessives have finally found something to fill that Trump-sized hole in their hearts.