James Lileks:

The temperatures are expected to attain ludicrous depths. Will I continue to go into the office when it’s one below? I will. See, if I don’t go to the gym, I immediately deflate. One day. That’s all it takes. Like a punctured balloon. If I don’t do my daily pushups at home at the end of the night I fear I will wake with al dente limbs.

He jests, but I, I put this scenario to the test. You see, I am currently sicker than hell. For the second time this month. Previously, the last cold/flu of significance was in March of 2018. Four and a half years without a serious sniffle, and now this! I’ve spent the last two days in semiconscious delirium, nodding off for an hour or so during a seemingly-endless expanse of meaningless time. Needless to say, I had only just started to recover fighting form at the gym before this latest enforced absence. I have a nutrition session at the end of next week. I shudder to think how much lean mass will have decayed into fat by then. It’s going to be a blue Christmas, my friends.

UPDATE: Looks like Santa brought me a positive COVID test for Christmas.