“Obscene joy”? Sounds fun, but I don’t even know what that is. Me, I was this guy:

Well, to be precise, when I saw that the US had lost, I chuckled. When I learned that it was thanks to Rapinoe sending her penalty kick into row Z, I did indeed laugh, because I was reminded once again that there is a trickster god who loves us and wants us to be amused, and laughter is how we show our thanks. It just had to be her! Her last act as a professional athlete! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer attention whore! Seeing some professional lib from MSNBC getting mad about it is a bonus chuckle. That same professional lib accusing me of being “too into politics,” rather than, say, the arrogant players who spent the last several years making their political showboating a major part of their “brand”? Well, now, that’s just goddamed hilarious. Enjoy your post-athletic career as a dime-a-dozen influencer, you silly bint.