What makes me laugh is knowing that the people who produce and consume “news” like this would no doubt look down their noses at the people who sit ringside at a pro wrestling event and scream at the heels and refs. But really, there’s no difference. A heel named Trump makes his way to the ring. The fans, wearing t-shirts with his mugshot on them, jeer and chant, “You’re a short fatty! You’re a short fatty!” Trump pantomimes covering his ears while grimacing in rage. “Shut up! SHUT UP!” he yells. The fans laugh in delight. The promoter does too, as he looks over the gate receipts for the night and gets ready to take the show to the next town. Will the dastardly heel finally get his comeuppance at ElectionSlam next November? Or will he lose a “Loser Goes to Federal Prison” match before then? Stay tuned!