I have been kidnapped and am being held in a remote (and I do mean remote) location, where I am being subjected to appalling psychological torture. The hot water heater only works intermittently, there are seven young children on-site who scream and romp incessantly, the insects are maddening, and the native inhabitants are incapable of conversing according to rules of civilized discourse. Everyone talks at once, thus they have to raise their voices to be heard, thus they get irritable since everyone else is too busy talking to hear them, thus they start bickering. The closest thing to a normal conversation was with an eccentric fellow who is particularly fond of astrology and Edgar Cayce, and tends toward the conspiratorial in his thinking. I suspect the settings on his pattern-seeking software need to be adjusted. Nice guy, though, and a book-lover.

Two more days of confinement. I would cheerfully throw these children into a volcano if I were promised a lukewarm shower in return.