Having fun with Bing’s new AI art generator. “English writer Samuel Johnson doing barbell squats with James Boswell spotting.” I had to specify “English writer” because otherwise, it seemed to think that Samuel L. Jackson was pretty much the same person.

Unbelievable. Boswell is just standing there like a useless lump, and he’s apparently too drunk to have noticed that Johnson forgot to add a fourth plate to the right side of the bar.

This one’s better. Form is good, Boswell is sober and alert. The bar looks a little flimsy, though, like it might be made of wood.

Samuel! What is going on with your form here? You’re leaning so far to your right, I’ll be surprised if you can make it back to the top. Of course, Boswell isn’t doing you any favors by holding the bar like that. Why do you even let this guy hang around you? What is he good for?