Niccolo Soldo:

The most important element here is that Ackman and co. rejected a special carve-out for Jews in favour of trashing the DEI system at Harvard altogether. If this position holds, then DEI could fall like dominoes across academia, government, and business as well.

It does not answer the question of free speech on campus, especially how it has already been eroded, nor does it answer their concerns about anti-Semitism on campus either.

It would be prudent to inform Ackman and co. that any attempt to acquiesce to a special carve-out for Jews on campus would be immediately non-functional, as the ideology underpinning it sees Jews as Whites and therefore “oppressors” and “colonizers”. It simply would not compute. The pushback to such a compromise would be enormous, and even threats from donors to withhold funds would not be a trump card either. This conflict is not financial, but it is ideological, and goes right to the heart of the values that made America the wild success that it is today and has been for some time now, but that also allowed men like Bill Ackman to prosper.

If I had dreamed of a modern Hercules capable of flushing out the Augean stables of academia, I wouldn’t have pictured a billionaire hedge-fund CEO, but if that’s who the trickster god has chosen for the task, I suppose I’ll get used to it.