Ed Simon:

After all, we were all fundamentally liberals, even if I may define myself as a left-liberal (which is to say that between barbarism and socialism, I’m probably going to opt for the latter).

I want you to know that I tried really hard to avoid making this obvious joke, but nevertheless, to paraphrase a famous quotation, you were given the choice between barbarism and socialism; you chose socialism, and you shall have barbarism.

Ahhh, I feel better.

Anyway, this is from a review in the Baffler of John Gray’s newest book. I’m always a bit surprised whenever I’m reminded that the Baffler* still exists, and this piece is a good example of why. The thrust of Simon’s review is that Gray spends too much time criticizing wokeness rather than more worthy targets, like Christian nationalism, QAnon, and — he actually says in earnest — “the rise of fascism.” (Yes, if only some brave soul would finally raise the alarm there.) Simon displays the standard range of theatrical exasperation common to leftists confronted with the fact that their revolutionary libido reliably keeps producing retarded, bastard offspring, from “vulgar Marxism” to wokeness. Why oh why can’t the stupid proles stop worshiping false idols? Ironically, Simon accuses Gray of being a bit like Grampa Simpson, shaking his fist at the clouds, even as he himself embodies a different Simpsons meme. Boy, it must really gall these guys to see Bernie in his role as a lackey for the DNC. Cheer up, fellows! I’m sure a bit more abstruse theorizing and fulminating against neoliberalism will breathe new life into the lungs of the social-democratic revolution.

*Or In These Times, while we’re on the subject of leftist fossils.