Venkatesh Rao:

The public social web has all but disappeared, like an ancient system of rivers going underground after an earthquake. The old roads are no longer safe, and you get mugged on them, like on the Roman roads in the centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire (why yes, I did think about the Roman Empire frequently this year, why do you ask?). Prancing Pony vibes. Dark Forest mood.

Much of the social energy of the old internet has now retreated underground to the cozyweb. Except for a few old-fashioned blogs like this one, there’s not much of it left above-ground now. But there’s an odd sort of romance to holding down a public WordPress-based fortress in the grimdark bleakness, even as almost everything (including the bulk of what I do) retreats to various substacks, discords, and such.

I don’t really think of it as holding down a fortress. I think I’m more like Hiroo Onada or Teruo Nakamura. Until someone comes by to officially relieve me of duty, I may as well continue standing at my post. I’ve heard all the rumors about how the blogosphere has surrendered, but I think that’s just enemy propaganda.

Or maybe bloggers are like the last lighthouse keepers of the web.