The Atlantic is now very concerned about “truth decay”:

Our belief in things we cannot ourselves verify relies on trust networks. If the connections to the experts are broken, our understanding of reality becomes untethered. Society then begins a slide into doubt and denialism, and “truth decay,” as a RAND initiative has called it, starts to occur. If we want to reverse that process, we need to rebuild the networks of trust.

The next stage of truth decay is that those who no longer trust the scientists and technocrats search for alternative sources of information, “truth” from outside the network of elite expertise.

Four years ago, the Atlantic saw fit to trot out epidemiologists from Harvard and Yale to inform you rubes that ACTUALLY, “structural racism” is also a “public health crisis” which is evidently treatable by gathering in large groups during a pandemic lockdown and rioting. If there was ever a mea culpa published since then in that jumped-up tabloid for #resistance! libs, I missed it. Now, after a nonstop parade of “experts” beclowning themselves in service to partisan derangements over the last several years, we’re supposed to forgive and forget. Reap the whirlwind, you fucking whores.

As a devotee of the trickster god who loves us and wants us to be amused, I generally try to look on the funny side of things. Sometimes, however, the insults to intelligence and dignity are too stark to be laughed off. To the Atlantic and all their midwit comrades in the #resistance!: Go rape yourselves, and drop dead.