Joseph Heath:

Incidentally, a lot of these bad ideas can be traced back to Foucault, and his radical opposition to psychoanalysis. Foucault was so annoyed by Freud that he not only rejected the idea that human beings have instincts, he denied that nature has equipped us with any psychological dispositions, biases, or development tendencies. Nature provides us only with bodies, everything else – including all desires, not to mention subjects themselves – are the product of discourse and regimes of power. (This is where the leftist fad of referring to people as “bodies” comes from.) Foucault’s view appeals to progressives because it allows them to believe that absolutely anything about human psychology can be changed, simply by challenging and transforming structures of social power. But it also has the unfortunate effect of promoting all manner of conspiracy theories about what sort of effects these regimes of social power are having on our lives.

“Incidentally, a lot of these bad ideas can be traced back to Foucault” is an evergreen sentence. You can drop it just about anywhere and it will work. That’s not to disrespect Freud, who was coming up with world-altering bad ideas before Foucault had even hatched. Honestly, we don’t have to look at it like a competition anyway. You’re both the intellectual equivalent of cancer cells, guys!