She’s gotta be sure, and it’s gotta be soon, and she’s gotta be larger than life:

The Scottish police announced Tuesday that they won’t charge J.K. Rowling under the country’s new hate-speech law after the Harry Potter author challenged the measure by “misgendering” transgender convicts.

Scotland’s 2021 Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act went into effect on Monday, which was also April Fool’s Day. To mark the occasion, Rowling mockingly lauded ten transgender-identifying men whose crimes against women included sexual abuse, abduction, possession of child pornography, and indecent exposure.

About twenty years ago, I remember a friend telling me about how her adolescent daughter, along with her friends, had asked to be taken to Barnes & Noble at midnight when the new Harry Potter book was being released. It’s funny to imagine stepping out of a time machine and telling those excited kids, “So, get this! In twenty years, Rowling is going to be threatened with hate-crime charges by the government of Scotland for saying that there’s a biological difference between men and women. Yeah, well, you see, this crazy cult managed to osmose itself into society’s major institutions, and liberals, being a bunch of cowardly herd animals, went along with it for fear of being called ‘intolerant.’ Funny enough, half of you are probably going to grow up to become them! Anyway, enjoy your books. Oh…and p.s., whatever you do, don’t ever allow yourselves to own a ‘smartphone.’ That’s a long story. Gotta go!”

I remember an old blogging compatriot saying to me several years ago:

I don’t like what “happened” to J.K. Rowling, but in the end, a liberal billionaire got excoriated by woke Twitter for making a perhaps tone-deaf remark about rapidly shifting gender mores. So? She’s still rich and happy, no one shunned her or slapped her or stalked her. Life goes on, as it tends to do.

And yet, here we are. I have to admit, my legs are getting a little tired from doing the “told you so” dance so often. It’s like some blowhard reality-TV host said once, I’m getting tired of all the winning.

There’s a meme that goes around a lot these days, making fun of the typical liberal response to yet another turn of the woke ratchet. One version says something like, “It’s not happening, and it’s good that it’s happening, and why do you even care?!” This little aperçu does a pretty good job of representing that. I like the airy dismissal of her as a “liberal billionaire,” too. Well, it took a weirdo tech billionaire to buy Twitter and prove that the majority of people who staff an organization like that are useless jobsworths and officious midwits who could all disappear and never be missed. It took a Jewish billionaire to become appalled at academia’s response to October 7th and go on the offensive against the Ivy League, proving that most of the petty functionaries who comprise it are white-collar welfare cases, a herd of slack-jawed bovines shitting out piles of worthless “research” after grazing on each others’ derivative papers. And now, we’ve reached a point where a billionaire author who writes young adult fiction about wizards is the only one who has the courage to publicly challenge trans lunacy backed by the repressive force of the state, while spineless western liberals are burying their heads either in the sand or up their asses, if not actively currying favor with the very “power” they usually claim to be fighting. Remind me again why we shouldn’t just smother this pathetic creature we call “the left” with a pillow and let the billionaires form a royal court?