I did that thing today where I went into a Barnes & Noble, browsed for a few hours, and bought anything that caught my eye. It’s typically a biannual event. This is my idea of wealthy extravagance, being able to buy a bunch of books at retail without putting them on a wishlist, or searching the web for cheaper used copies. It’s like that old anecdote from Plutarch about the king of Epirus who lists all the conquests he dreams of making. His right-hand man asks what the point of it all is. What will he do after he’s achieved all his ambitions? The king says he’ll chill out with his friends and have a good time over a bottle of wine. “And what’s preventing you from doing that today, sire?” Exactly. What would I do if I were suddenly a millionaire? Why, I’d go buy an armload of books. So why wait until then?