There may be several tragic things about this generation — smartphones, SSRIs, helicopter parents, Taylor Swift — but the fact that they want to LARP as revolutionaries before taking up their inevitable careers as corporate lawyers, hedge-fund managers, and campus diversicrats is not one of them.

When he proclaimed the death of God, Nietzsche lamented the fact that his shadow would linger for centuries more. As the Boomer generation shuffles closer to the grave, I likewise fear that we will be struggling to escape their shadow for a long time. Nothing against any individual Boomers, of course. Some of them, I assume, are good people, even if they’re not bequeathing their best to posterity. But I swear by the shimmering feathers of Quetzalcoatl, how much longer will we be cursed to watch these endless reprises of 1960s student radicalism? Can we just raze Columbia and salt the earth so that no derivative demonstrations ever grow there again? I never thought I’d find myself agreeing with Marx, but the idiocy of this tweet has made a strange bedfellow out of that belligerent, unwashed, boil-covered excrescence of a man: the first time we saw the most privileged generation in history act out a collective temper tantrum, it was a tragedy. Now, it’s just a farce.