You know, when taking the moral high ground against expressions of racial or cultural stereotyping, one would probably find oneself on more firm footing, wouldn’t one, if one could refrain from using terms like lawn jockey and house nigger liberal to refer to a black man who has the temerity to hold political opinions different from the ones white liberals have deemed appropriate for him to hold in accordance with the voting bloc they’ve assigned him to. As the yutes of today like to put it, I’m just sayin’. And let me hasten to add that I’m not calling anyone a racist or bigot here; I prefer the phrase “people of colorful language”.

But then again, I’m not a formally trained logician or rhetorician, so it’s entirely possible that some linguistic alchemist has found a way to combine irony with tu quoque reasoning to form a sort of weaponized super-snark that’s beyond my comprehension.