Violent J learns how the infotainment sausage gets made:

To be honest with you, at one point—and this is what’s insane—they took my response to one question and edited it so I looked like I was responding to another question. And what’s scary to me is that this is Nightline. This is a respected piece of American journalism, and they were full of shit. That just makes me think, 90 percent of what I watch is full of shit. I couldn’t believe what they did with us, with the $10 million thing. He was so clever, the way he was saying, “No, no, no, Violent. I never said that, Violent.” It’s so clever what he’s doing—it was so clever! Then they had me sitting on the edge of my chair to make it look like I was getting mad. In reality, that was my response to another question. It was just so clever the way they did that.

Mick Foley had a similar experience with ABC’s 20/20 years ago, figuring that his own savviness and the presence of WWE’s own video crew would prevent his interview from being altered, spliced and taken out of context. He was wrong.
You might say, oh, who cares if some rappers in clown makeup and professional wrestlers get mocked or misquoted? They’re idiots anyway, right? But as he said, it’s scary when you see an article written on a subject you actually happen to know something about, and you’re appalled at how badly written and ill-informed it is. Then you have to consider how often that must be the case when you don’t know much about the subject, and have to depend on people like this to inform you. It’s a wonder we share as much common reality as we do.