Madeleine Kearns:

However, this latest accusation of racism betrays the previous Covid complaints for what they were: a pretext. The real reason Rogan’s critics want to silence him is because they don’t like his views and guests. And they will use whatever they find to bring him down.

The DEIhards complaining about Rogan most likely don’t even know what his views are. They don’t listen to his show. All the noise is coming from the permanently-aggrieved activist class for whom self-righteous anger is oxygen, and more importantly, media figures who are bitterly envious that Rogan’s audience and credibility dwarfs theirs. What’s funny is, Rogan could leave Spotify tomorrow and his audience would still follow him wherever. CNN and the Washington Post are still going to be circling the bowl on their way to the septic tank where they belong. For propagandists and stenographers, it’s more important to defend their meaningless patch of media turf against an upstart interloper than to try to restore their nonexistent credibility.