Nellie Bowles:

During the three-hour show, there is little vision laid out for what they want, beyond a Sanders presidency. There is a vision for what they want destroyed and how good it will feel to do that. The idea of actually taking power is terrifying, and they say so.

Luckily for the spoiled rich kids of the “dirtbag left,” David Burge has already done the heavy conceptual lifting for them. Onward, comrades! Unfortunately, it appears that reality has a way of taking all the fun out of revolutions. Seizing the billionaires’ wealth — which, let us remind you, is the entirety of their simple-minded vision — looks to be yet another false hope. Of course, Burge neglects to mention that history shows that’s when the real fun would begin: the rooting out of the saboteurs, wreckers and kulaks who derailed the People’s Revolution.

“Educating a generation and saddling them with debt and then not giving them jobs where they have the wage that they presume they should receive based on the amount of time they spent on education,” Virgil said. “That’s a pretty good way to turn them into radicals.”

He is a good example of his own target audience: He graduated with $100,000 of debt from Cornell and after college took freelance gigs from Craigslist, hoping to write.

While the Chapo hosts rail against the media establishment, they are also deeply entwined with it and largely beloved by it. (Mr. Menaker, for example, grew up on the Upper West Side, the son of a New York Times editor and a New Yorker editor.)

You just have to laugh. Once again, we see the wisdom of Eric Hoffer, an actual working man who would have instantly recognized these posturing twits for what they are: “Nothing is so unsettling to a social order as the presence of a mass of scribes without suitable employment and an acknowledged status.”