I know what they say about wrestling with pigs, or tweets, or tweets by pigs, but maybe we can just poke at some of them with a stick a little bit:

Sounds good. How can we help?

Not tone-deaf at all, no. A winning platform if I ever heard one. You have some foam on your chin. Any cringeworthy Noble Savagism to add?

Speaking of sin and repentance, John McWhorter just said that his new book is going to be about his recurring theme of anti-racism as progressive religion. If he’s taking notes at the moment, he might be able to have the thing finished by the weekend.

“To use the same language to describe those two things is not moral.”

Sitting with the Lady of the House, listening to the herd of independent minds in her feed advertising their identical progressive bona fides, wondering how I’ve come to be acquainted with so many lunatics:

People are making fun of this, but I personally found it sweet that China granted Nike, Apple, and all their other pet brands permission to express political opinions again after being sent to timeout over Hong Kong.

Plus, if pasting black boxes on a social media feed is what it takes to keep simpletons from sharing their emotional incontinence in more depth, I suppose I’m all for it.

And finally: